Collection: Denim

No pre-distressed jeans here! We do things the old-fashioned way with crispy, inky raw denim. This tougher, darker denim might take more work to break in, but it'll last longer and unlike most fast-fashion jeans will morph to fit you and become a totally one-of-a-kind piece. The knees, seat, and hips will fade, all according to how you as an individual move in and wear them.

It’s best to wash raw denim sparingly in order to make your fades stand out. (Every 1-3 months.) Whenever you decide to wash your jeans, we have a comprehensive guide over at Heddels.

In terms of repairing raw denim goods, you can drop your garment off at  your local tailor for routine repairs like crotch reinforcements and patching. Specialist denim vendors will have the necessary machines to be able to repair your more shredded denim goods. You can check out our Hand Repairs 101 if you fancy taking on some routine denim repairs yourself. Enjoy a lifetime of wear!