Collection: Solovair

Once upon a time, in Northamptonshire, England, a well-known shoe brand made all their famous, chunky shoes domestically and with high-end materials. But eventually, in search of larger profits, this company moved production away from the U.K., abandoning their employees and machines in England.

That's where Solovair enters the picture, picking up where this huge company left off and getting the factory up and running again. Now they make the designs the factory has always made, but with far more care and attention than their competitor. All Goodyear-welted, these are lifetime buys that will stand up to whatever you throw their way. Peruse our core collection of Solovairs and get excited, there will be many more styles to come!

Sizing: Take about one size down from your Nike sneaker size or a half size down from your average Goodyear-welted boot size. These have UK size numbers in them, so don't worry if the number inside your shoes doesn't match up with your ordered size.