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About us

The Heddels Shop is an extension of, existing to showcase high quality goods that compliment our content and interests; as well sell Heddels CO-OP products developed in collaboration with relevant brands.

Heddels CO-OP

Heddels CO-OP products are one-time-only releases that must adhere to the following guidelines:

  1. All source materials must be minimally processed, raw, and undistressed.
  2. The source and contents of all materials and hardware must be made explicit.
  3. Design, sourcing, and production decisions must be made to produce the best possible product. Cost considerations must be secondary.
  4. Products must be wholly original to collaborating brands in design, name, and material.
  5. Products must represent the joint decisions of Heddels and the collaborating brand. The process will be a true collaboration, not a private label or made to order good.
  6. Products must be limited, numbered, one-time-only releases. Collaborating brands may continue to use a CO-OP developed design but never the exact makeup as the CO-OP product.
  7. No more than 500 and no less than 5 units of a CO-OP product will be produced.
  8. Heddels must physically visit and document where the product is made and the people who make it.
  9. Every individual involved in the creation of the product must be credited by name.
  10. Products cannot be sold until the product is on hand and paid for by Heddels. No crowd-funding, no pre-sales, no net 30.
  11. A product’s retail price must not exceed twice the unit cost of the creation of the product.
  12. Products must be accompanied by an article documenting its design, sourcing, and production.
  13. Products must be accompanied by a relevant souvenir, aka the “party favor”.
  14. All sales are final except in the event of manufacturing defect.
  15. Products must be sold by Heddels.

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