About us

The Heddels Shop is an extension of Heddels.com, existing to showcase high quality goods that help connect our readers with makers that are creating items you'll want to use forever.

Finding things (or even just one thing) you want to keep until the end of days is no easy task. Especially when the mainstream consumer marketplace is a minefield of shoddy and unethically produced goods, many of which have a poison pill of planned obsolescence, so they wouldn’t last even if you wanted them to.

The list of qualifications is pretty long:

First, you have to find something that fulfills a need you have and likely will have for the foreseeable future. Then you have to make sure it will last that length of time; when pieces of it break or wear out, that they can be replaced and restored back to working condition. You’ve also got to know it was made in a way that you ethically agree with, so that your purchase doesn’t support forced labor, unsafe working conditions, or the destruction of the planet. And finally, and perhaps most importantly, it needs to be something that you won’t get bored of and replace with a newer, shinier alternative before you’ve wrung every last drop of use out of it.

To summarize, it’s got to be something that:

  1. Fulfills a need that you have today and will have for years to come
  2. Won’t become obsolete or outdated
  3. Is repairable and generally made to last
  4. Is made to your ethical standards
  5. You won’t be tempted to upgrade or replace

We’re here to connect you with the things that fulfill those criteria. That’s the entire goal of this website. If you see something on Heddels, we think it passes all of those tests.

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If you have any questions, please email us at shop@heddels.com.