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Men's jewelry ain't easy to get right, but Blœdstone is finding a way. Their perfectly sized signet rings aren't too chunky and they're certainly not too dainty. Each, made-to-order in LA, is either made from recycled pure sterling silver or 14k gold. Then, they're topped off with a semi-precious stone. Interesting and uncommon stones like Pinolith, Tiger's Eye, and the eponymous Bloodstone are deep, perfectly polished, and lovely to look at. No two pieces are alike, and every ring is made just to your specifications.

If you're unsure of your ring size, we can send you a complimentary ring sizer so you get the fit just right. And if you screw up slightly, no problem! We can send your ring back to Blœdstone for minor readjustments. You want the ring to go over your knuckle, but be slightly difficult to get off!

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