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Denim Wash

Denim Wash

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Heddels Denim Wash is a plant-based detergent formulated for raw and dry denim. The detergent is made from Sapindus mukorossi (soap nuts) extract, a naturally growing berry humans have used as soap for thousands of years and an ideal detergent for raw denim. It's mild, unscented, and eco-friendly and will remove dirt, grime, and odors without disturbing the fades, indigo, or cotton fibers in denim.

  • 24 washes per bottle
  • Highly concentrated (1/2 tsp. per wash)
  • Net weight 2oz. / 59ml
  • Hypoallergenic, PH neutral, plant-based, non-toxic and biodegradable
  • Produced and bottled in USA

Bathtub Usage Instructions

Run lukewarm bath. Add 2-4 droppers detergent. Add jeans and fill tub until jeans are submerged. Let sit 30 mins. Drain tub and fill with cold water. Let sit 10 mins. Drain tub and hang jeans to dry.

Machine Usage Instructions

Set machine on “Delicates” or “Handwash” setting with coldest water setting available with no spin cycle. Add 4-6 droppers detergent and jeans to run. Hang jeans to dry when finished.

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